Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fashion, Elegance and Everything Nice

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Elegance and innovation, fashion and wearability – who says they have to be mutually-exclusive? Not Penny Preville. Her popular jewelry designs, known under her namesake designer jewelry brand beautifully blend those important attributes together. The pieces in her collection are the outlet for her innate creativity. She has been designing gems since her childhood years, mix-matching and glamorizing the contents of her grandma’s jewelry box. Her well-accoladed and multi-awarded jewelries are also showpieces of Penny Preville’s natural acumen in business and advertising. Most of all, it is an expression of herself as a woman and as an individual. The depth and personal style that Penny pours into each elaborate ring or necklace makes it attractive to those who also need to express their own. After all, that is really what fashion is about. Learn more about expressing your own style with Penny Preville’s collections.
Check them out at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto – authorized retailer for Penny Preville.

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