Friday, August 03, 2012

Right Engagement

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Do you know that engagement rings may vary in designs as the climate today has degrees of temperament in a day, but the rings ascribe to certain universally regarded styles that set them in recognizable categories? Martin Flyer, a diamond jewelry signature, lets some pressure off your head when choosing the right ring with these five classifications and their meaning:

Solitaire. A single gemstone at the center. Classy, timeless, confident. Perhaps like your unconditional and everlasting love?
Three-stone. A center gemstone is sandwiched by two smaller stones. It is showier than a single-stone, much like a rooster dancing and ruffling his long feathers around to impress the hens, or in your case, hopefully, a hen.
Channel. The diamonds are set in one flowing channel with no metal in between them. Clean, elegant but sturdy, it reflects a modern look that fits an active lifestyle.
Shared prong. The diamond or diamonds are held above the metal with prongs, letting in more light from different angles as it glows out in varying colors. It reflects a vibrant take on life with your future partner.
Micro Pave. A diamond is surrounded by precisely set small diamonds and precious metal beads. It suggests traditional, even antiquity, the richness of its design giving a royal demeanor.
Martin Flyer has been designing diamond engagement rings for nearly sixty years now, offering a full range of categories to match your preference. It is known for the FlyerFit line, which fits the engagement ring and wedding band snuggly together.
Shreve is an authorized dealer for Martin Flyer.
Image: A three-stone ring from Martin Flyer

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