Saturday, June 01, 2013

The Worlds that Alex Sepkus Builds

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Philosophers have considered the fact that our existence could very well be the mere result of someone’s imagination. Most people would certainly disagree with that, but the concept becomes frighteningly possible when we consider Alex Sepkus and his “Tiny” creation. The much-admired Lithuanian jeweler crafts his miniature artworks from 18k gold adorned with colorful precious stones and diamonds. His 17-inch gold necklace, “Tiny”, is a little world of its own that sprang forth from his vivid imagination. The piece draws attention to its clean lines and carefully-calculated patchwork of geometric forms. What makes Alex Sepkus designs so amazing is that they are never really “calculated”. They just come to him naturally, as if he was telling a captivating story with gold and stones. The Tiny necklace is a whole little world of wonderful stories – if only one could open up his imagination and see them.
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