Saturday, June 01, 2013

The Artist and His River

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The river has long been the wellspring that inspired songs, poetry, epic drama, reflections, and works of art. In the Indonesian Island of Bali, John Hardy – world-renowned manufacturer of nature inspired designer jewelry, carries on this tradition of creative musings among talented artists. Its Kali collection, named after the Balinese term for river, draws inspiration from the steady streams of water that flows through the edges of the bustling John Hardy compound. The sterling silver pieces are cleverly decorated with black sapphire stones and fashioned to resemble the smooth patterns of riverbed pebbles like the ones that are so refreshing to walk on. As this refreshing pattern continues to gain popularity among jewelry connoisseurs and nature lovers, Head Designer Guy Bedarida expands the Kali collection to include other related natural themes like Zen gardens, yacht’s chains, and water flowing over rocks.
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