Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Winged Hourglass Heritage

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Longines’ winged hourglass logo is the oldest registered trademark for a watchmaker. The brand’s mark of excellence has been making waves in sports and extreme professions since 1832, when Auguste Agassiz established the company in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. Longines is famous in aviation circles for its Aviation watches, designed personally by famous American aviation and explorer Charles Lindbergh after his fateful transatlantic flight. In 1899, Longines navigated to the North Pole with Arctic explorer Louis Amédée de Savoie. In that same decade, the trusted watch manufacturer provided timers for use in the first modern day Olympics. In 1912, Longines was the first to use automatic timekeeping for the Federal Olympics at Basel. 180 years, 10 Grand Prix Awards and a long list of applauded chronographs into its existence, Longines continues to embed a rich history into its already well-storied trademark.
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