Saturday, June 15, 2013

Minding the Essentials

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Excessive temperatures, violent accelerations, and dangerous pressures – these are only some of the conditions pilots, astronauts, bomb-disposal experts and divers have to endure. The French watch manufacturer, Bell & Ross, specializes in building functional chronographs for professionals who work in this kind of extreme environment. Having been in partnership with the most seasoned experts in these fields, the watchmaker designs its pieces with utilitarianism and stiff standards for precision and durability. When accurate timing and reliable chronographs draw the line between life and death, the essentials can never be compromised by the superfluous. That is the essence of every Bell and Ross timepiece. The company works with a team of diverse expertise and experience, such as professional wearers, designers, master watchmakers, and engineers, to ensure that every piece perfectly matches the needs of the wearers. For real timekeeping requirements, nobody handles them better than Bell and Ross.
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