Saturday, June 15, 2013

With the Splendor of an Emperor

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The title “Emperor” is so respectable no one can just arbitrarily attach it to anyone or anything. Swiss watchmaker Piaget, with its established reputation for unrivaled quality and fine aesthetics, dares to use the regal terms and undoubtedly gives it justice. The Piaget Emperador Tourbillion skeleton watch is special in many ways. First, it uses the tourbillion, which is an addition to its escapement mechanism that improves the accuracy of the piece as well as flaunts the watchmaking virtuosity of the maker. Second, as a skeleton watch, the Emperador is not only a rare work of art in terms of its case design but also a welcoming window that lets the wearer view the complexities of the movement within. To top it off with a royal flair, the Reverse Tonneau white gold case and dial are set completely with precious stones much like a gem-decked monarch in its splendor.
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