Friday, June 21, 2013

Unblemished Mikimoto Perfection

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Pearls, the treasures of the sea, are the oldest precious gems that graced mankind. These smooth, lustrous and variously colored calcium carbonate mollusk deposits are valued for their rarity and beauty. All over the world, pearls symbolize purity, dignity and unblemished perfection. In Japan, the renowned jeweler Kokichi Mikimoto devoted his whole adult life to the perfection of pearl culture, a feat that cost a large amount of wisdom, determination and faith in what was then nearly impossible. In 1893, Mikimoto succeeded in producing the first semi-spherical cultured pearl. More than a decade afterwards, he harvested the first spherical cultured pearl. Kokichi’s dedication to these immaculate objects of beauty flowed to the rest of the world with the label “Mikimoto Pearls”, the brand of designer pearl jewelry that is now a by-word among connoisseurs, jewelers and the rich and fashionable crowd. 
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