Friday, June 21, 2013

The Boyhood Passion of a Multi-Awarded Craftsman

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Change is constant in everybody’s life, but some childhood memories just cling to us for the rest of time. Kirk Kara, the fourth generation in a family of jewelers, still recalls the magical sights, smells and sensations of his grandfather’s workshop during his childhood years. It was in that early stage in his life that he discovered his passion for jewelry making as an art, long before he started apprenticeship under his father in 1965. He learned that there was no shortcut to perfection, and mastered every phase of the crafting process, from carving waxes to hand engraving. In the current commercialized world where most things are run of the mill, Kirk Kara’s specially handcrafted jewelry pieces stand out with depth and attitude. The label’s diamond bridal rings has been bagging the coveted Jewelers Choice Award for the last six years, an awe-inspiring testimony to the legacy instilled in the heart of the young boy who was Kirk Kara.
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