Friday, June 28, 2013

Fresh and Contemporary Sophistication

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Based on Schaffhausen, Switzerland and dating as far back as 1858, Furrer-Jacot is nevertheless a contemporary jewelry making company. The renowned brand places high premium in the traditional values of rigid standards and meticulous processes, but this poses no hindrance to the huge workforce of seasoned engravers, expert setters and master metal craftsmen in creating fresh, interesting designs. In fact, Furrer-Jacot’s long experience in jewelry making fuels the creativity of its design team in the relentless pursuit for innovation. The award-winning design director Lucas Ruppli creates sleek, expressive couple rings from rare sources of inspiration, such as bridge railings – a favorite, albeit unnoticed, witness of love’s precious moments. The notion of togetherness is also expressed by the brand’s chain-link inspired rings, while the Magiques collection presents a set of sparkling purist wedding rings that are decorated by neat strips of finest diamonds. Check out Furrer-Jacot’s modern ring designs in its selected jeweler partners.
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