Sunday, July 14, 2013

Love Made it Happen

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There is nothing more entrancing than love. So, among John Hardy’s sets of handcrafted designer jewelry pieces, there is nothing more exquisite than the Cinta “Love” haute joaillerie collection. The Cinta showcases the Bali-based jewelry manufacturer’s taste for unique pieces inspired by Asia’s rich culture and done using modern European techniques. Each design in the collection centers around special shells or stones that designer Guy Bedarida collected from his travels, which the John Hardy team of expert jewelry makers then embellish to their most stunning looks. The Singhasari Naga Majesty cuff is made of 18k yellow gold that features a rubellite central stone flanked by two Nagas set in pink diamonds and sapphires. In Indonesia, the Naga is the cosmic dragon that brings love, prosperity and protection. This mythical creature is the favorite symbol of love in Bali, which is the reason why Naga made its way into John Hardy’s Cinta, the collection that started out as John Hardy’s special gift to his beloved wife. 
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