Thursday, July 19, 2012

The German Perfection

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The Germans’ drive to make things more better was a long road from being a country with little natural resources. They knew that to survive and make money, they must rely on their skills to sell to high-end markets in other countries. But it was not the monarchy or big trading companies that led the march of technically superior German products to the world, but an army of small entrepreneurs driven to hard work and mastery of their craft. “We may not have the gold, but we can create the best gold necklace,” a typical German goldsmith might be caught dreaming back then. Like one in a small town of Pforzheim in 1890s, a self-starter crafts man would fashion jewelry fit only for the nobility. Ernst Alexander Wellendorf had an eye for the tiniest detail to create fine jewelry out of gemstones and precious metals that his name would reach far to the corridors of Russian and English palaces. The Wellendorf legacy lives to this day as a brand of luxury and elegance painstakingly created by hand. It is known for rope necklaces and spinning rings and the diamond-studded “W” that the new rich prize so much.
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Image: Wellendorf silk tower: Bilberry, Silk sheen, Satin, Brilliant Kiss, Silk Flower and Black Silk.

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