Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Orient’s Mystical Figure

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The Circulos de Fuego collection of the premiere Spanish jewelry brand, Carrera y Carrera, has a vibrant personality that is inspired by the most mystical and symbol in the Orients – the fire dragon. The painstaking rendition of the mythical creature’s scaled and fiery details, patiently handcrafted by seasoned Carrera y Carrera artists and goldsmiths in Madrid, capture the air of grace, power and mystery that surrounds the figure of the dragon. The brand uses striking combinations of precious metals and stones such as yellow and white gold, onyx, topaz, as well as white and colored diamonds to produce the collection’s bold and fascinating elegance. The matte-shine effect adds a remarkable contrast to the piece and highlights the intricate patterns of the golden dragon. Originally created as a homage to the Chinese Year of the Dragon, the Circulos de Fuego continues to be one of the most impressive, timeless and magical collections by the designer jewelry brand.
Shreve & Co. Jewelers on Post Street in San Francisco is an authorized dealer for Carrera y Carrera.

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