Saturday, August 03, 2013

A New Wave of Renaissance

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David Yurman, New York-based jewelry designer and manufacturer, is a distant offshoot of the Renaissance era. Just as artists in that period recreated the classics with their own aesthetic sensibility and innovative techniques, David Yurman follows after the classic tradition with a creative streak that is his own. His intricate and timeless designs such as the iconic Yurman helix cable bracelets, crosses and knot works are influenced by the elaborate artistry of ancient Greek, Roman and Celtic forms. The brand’s Renaissance Collection is a quintessential David Yurman selection that uses classic techniques and modern technology on precious metals and brilliant gems to produce the sculptural forms and jewel tones found in paintings from classical times. The Citrine Renaissance Ring, fashioned from sterling silver helix cable and embellished with 18k yellow gold bands and faceted garnet, rhodalite and citrine, is a visual description of its designer’s “Continuing in the Classic Tradition” motto. 
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