Saturday, August 03, 2013

A Fitting Symbol

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Wedding bands have gone through many major transformations, from the woven grass and reed rings of the ancient Egyptians to the sparkling and elegant diamond jewelry pieces that we know today. Nevertheless, the meaning remains unchanged – a symbol of a couple’s undying commitment to one another. At Martin Flyer, every engagement and wedding ring is carefully handcrafted to become a graceful and enduring attestation of love for each other. The brand’s 10,000-foot facility in Manhattan, New York houses seasoned artisans who are experts in crafting precious metals such as platinum and 18k gold,  handling and setting the finest diamond stones, and designing and engraving the most intricate mounts and patterns that are both contemporary and timelessly elegant. The various Martin Flyer collections under the FlyerFit umbrella, including FlyerFit® Classic, FlyerFit® Vintage, FlyerFit® Simplicity, and FlyerFit® Perfected, cater to a wide spectrum of styles and preferences to make sure each couple can express their devotion in their own unique and personal way. 
Find the symbol that perfectly fits you at Shreve & Co in Portland Oregon – an authorized dealer for Martin Flyer.

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