Saturday, August 03, 2013

Wrapped in Delicate Strength

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Once again, Roberto Coin transcends the norms of jewelry making with its bold and evocative rendition of the elephant, symbol of wisdom and temperance.  Long known for its prolific portrayals of creatures and objects, the brand adds one more masterpiece to its set of limited edition designer jewelry pieces. The elephant, whose trunk can carry a whole tree but also pick a dainty flower with grace, is an embodiment of delicacy and strength with wisdom that balances both. To capture this effect, Roberto Coin’s Limited Edition Elephant bracelet uses a myriad of precious metals and stones starting with a finely detailed, enameled rose gold head figure whose black jade eyes gaze with tender meekness. The prominence of the creature’s ears is highlighted with streaks of colorless diamond stones and instead of ivory, the precious tusks are also completely encrusted with the brilliant stones. Its emblematic trunk is cleverly engineered to wrap delicately around the wrist as an elegant bracelet. 
Find this awe-inspiring limited edition jewelry piece at Shreve & Co. on Post Street in San Francisco – authorized dealer for Roberto Coin.

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