Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Charm of Childhood Fancies

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Aaron Basha, famous New York-based designer of luxury charms and jewelry, takes fun very seriously. The brand is the first name that comes to mind for youthful yet elegant jewelry pieces, such as the flighty and colorful ladybug earrings, playful panda and choo-choo train pendants, and especially the iconic baby shoe charms. The wide selection of intricate designs are like memories of carefree childhood days come back to life again, at least in miniature forms crafted on 18k gold and other precious metals. Aaron Basha carefully builds every lovely piece of its collections by hand. One of Aaron Basha’s famous designs was a diamond-encrusted, life-size baby shoe pendant which took two months to craft by hand and cost more than £1 million for one of the company’s royal clients, a South East Asian princess.
You may not be a princess who stays forever young, but you can keep a streak of childlike joy wherever you go with Aaron Basha’s fanciful jewelry pieces, available from selected authorized dealer Shreve & Co. with location in Portland, Oregon. 

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