Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stephen Webster’s Contemporary Twists

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"Lust" is part of the Seven Deadly Sins collection by Stephen Webster.
One visit to Stephen Webster’s website  alerts the visitor that this jewelry selection will be edgy, current, yet anchored with age-old tradition. All of the jewelry is magnificent, each piece a work of art on its own. A closer eye and knowledge of the name bestowed upon an item expose subtleties that might otherwise go unnoticed.  In the “Seven Deadly Sins” collection, a rose gold setting holds a beautiful garnet stone with diamonds and rubies that might catch an observer’s eye, but the closer view reveals the setting with intricate detail of hands choking the garnet in Wrath. “It Started with Eve …” is a collection that pays homage to the original first lady, Eve, as well as Bonnie Parker and Lady MacBeth.  Stephen Webster’s designs, available at Shreve & Co. are lauded by celebrities including Elton John, Katy Perry, Anne Hathaway, and Jay Z, and are unique and daring while remaining classic in style.

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