Saturday, September 07, 2013

What Martin Flyer Can Do

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Martin Flyer’s FlyerFit collection addresses more than one challenge for proposing men and would-be spouses, namely finding the right set of rings that jive with their personality, making the most of the investment in terms of elegance and value, and eliminating that dreaded gap between the engagement ring and the wedding band. Martin Flyer has helped many grateful clients through the process of ring selection since the brand’s inception in 1945. The company has a wide array of intricately designed diamond rings bearing GIA graded stones, all categorized into Martin Flyer’s own Five Classifications of Bridals. Deeply personal and unique, the pieces exude individual charm that comes only from masterful strokes of craftsmen seasoned in the creation of breathtakingly elegant jewelry. The FlyerFit is not only elegant, they also display a beautiful unity between the engagement ring and wedding band, as they are especially designed to fit together snugly as one ring just as marriage is designed to make two differently beautiful people as one.
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