Friday, September 20, 2013

The Mémoire Guarantee

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Uncompromised quality and timeless elegance – this is the Mémoire promise. Mémoire, the US-based manufacturer of luxury engagement rings and wedding bands, specializes in making platinum and 18 k gold classic and durable bridals. The company‘s diamonds are micrograded by a staff GIA graduate gemologist before they are approved to be set in any Mémoire piece, ensuring maximum brilliance and fire with every stone. With precious metal mountings subjected to the the brand‘s outstanding hot extrusion process and laser cut for clean and exact measurements, Mémoire‘s Petite Prong mountings are the considered the finest in the industry. Seasoned artisans armed with modern equipment design and craft customizable rings that are not clean and classic, yet exquisite and deeply personal. At Mémoire, timeless elegance is matched with remarkable craftsmanship and life-long endurance. 
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