Friday, September 27, 2013

The Aerospace Advantage

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The Aerospace timepiece by aviation-focused watch brand Breitling is a model of efficiency. The carefully organized and matched functions of the chronograph give it a peerless functionality that stands out among professional flyers and great travelers. The multiple features of Aerospace include a 1/100th second chronograph, 2nd time zone, countdown, alarm and audible time signal indications. They are all arranged in user-friendly logic and all uniquely controlled by the crown. All operations and adjustments are controlled by simply rotating, pressing or pushing the sleek B-embossed crown of the timepiece. Breitling’s remarkable reinvention of aviation-friendly functionality is equipped with a particularly effective NVG-compatible display backlighting, conveniently sized hands for readability, and an ultra high performance SuperQuartz™ movement that surpasses standard quartz accuracy ten folds. The sophisticated Aerospace case comes in classic red gold or titanium – a material long coveted in the aeronautical field.
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