Friday, October 04, 2013

It’s Time!

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Beyond showing up promptly out of respect for an acquaintance, or knowing when to get to church on Sunday, how could knowing the time be so important? In conventional economics, it is treated as a commodity (“time is money”) to be bought and sold at will, and therefore needing no special consideration. Time is an irreplaceable, precious resource oft taken for granted. “There isn’t much time!” is a common complaint but as impartial as time is, the treatment it metes out to people essentially depends on how they treat time itself throughout their lives. The priority you place on things that need your attention and focus on the ‘importants’ in life makes all the difference. That is why, Ball Watch, makers of fine, intricate watches announces the world’s first day/date World Time Movement! The Engineer Master II Diver World Time features an automatic Ball caliber 965 movement with hours, minutes, sweep seconds, day, date and World Time display functions, illuminated rotating inner bezel and 55 micro gas tubes on hour, minute, second hands and dial for night reading capability.
To see this historical timepiece, visit Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto.

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