Friday, October 04, 2013

Generation W

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According to, “Generation W” refers to the extremely large number of young females who choose to have baby(ies) so that they never have to work and so that they can live on welfare for as long as possible. Usually, they come from a mother, who has lived her whole life in this same manner. Interestingly enough, the words “Generation W” now represents style setter and all-around scene-stealers, women who are outstanding and talented, claiming that today’s rule-breakers and tomorrow’s household names. Gaining much from the continued liberalization and civic equality for women, Generation W now stands for women’s right to choose their own paths. While the New York Fashion Week is riveting the fashion world’s attention, Jaeger LeCoultre and W magazine celebrated on September 9th the new issue of Generation W, featuring an array of guests from the fashion, photography, art and cinema world and Jaeger-LeCoultre showcased its most iconic watchmaking creations in an Art Deco setting at the Financial District – the Jaeger LeCoultre Celestial Collection -- a perfect blend of watchmaking expertise and poetry.
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