Friday, October 18, 2013

Out of this World

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“Jewelry itself is timeless, but life is not ever lasting.” This is Evan Yurman’s philosophy behind his newest design for David Yurman – the Meteorite collection. The young artist dares to create a men’s jewelry collection using Gibeon Meteorite, a rare and truly out-of-this-world rock that is 4 billion years old. The remarkable crystal of iron and nickel which fell in Namibia in prehistoric time and discovered in 1836 reminded Evan of the vastness and infinity of space. In comparison, life on earth is limited and fragile. He captures this extra terrestrial appeal in contemporary cuffs, chains, bracelets and rings that show off the meteorite’s distinctive pattern. Like the timelessness of outer space, the Meteorite collection is a long lasting token of life’s precious brevity.
Find Evan Yurman’s Meteorite Collection for David Yurman at Shreve & Co. on Post Street in San Francisco – authorized retailer for David Yurman.

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