Friday, October 18, 2013

The Kirk Kara Beauty

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Six-time bagger of the Jeweler’s Choice Award Kirk Kara believes that bridal rings “should be visually stimulating from every angle”. Joint parts should also come together in perfect harmony, much like the most striking pieces of architecture. The brand’s seasoned artists and jewelers turn this principle to reality using the finest modern jewelry-making equipment backed by a century of solid experience. The Kirk Kara creations stand out in their classic grace and harmony, with intricate, diamond-laden swirls seamlessly flowing into one another. All the pieces are masterfully designed and handcrafted, with patient and persistent care for each tiny detail. As a 120 year old jewelry making company, populated by the best jewelers in the industry and showered with accolades not just from the clients but the authorities of the industry, Kirk Kara surely knows what it is doing when it comes to diamond bridal rings.
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