Monday, June 11, 2012

Rare made rarer

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A diamond is the perfect symbol of love and beauty. A masterpiece of nature honed more perfect in the hands of a gem-cutter, a diamond enchants, allures, seduces. If you are thinking of impressing your woman with a diamond, think a notch higher. Already a rarity, it was even made more unique when the world was introduced to the Cento diamond, an innovative cut that sets the standards of round diamonds one level up. Instead of 57 facets, a Cento has 100. This features increases the fiery explosion of glow of a traditional diamond, creating a fiesta of dance as light refracts from the masterful proportionally cut of the facets. A Cento diamond also has a nine-fold symmetry instead of eight. It has a distinct floral pattern which regular cuts lack. And instead of the traditional machine-cut, only the expert strokes of a cutter who spends 12-15 hours manually shaping and polishing the diamond can breathe a fiery life to a Cento diamond. A Cento bearer soon discovers that the patent cut gives the best combination of brilliance, sparkle and fire that sweeps a woman’s heart any day. Cento diamonds are conflict-free and certified with laser inscriptions.
Shreve is an authorized dealer for Cento diamonds.
Image: Cento Corona Diamond

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