Friday, November 22, 2013

A. Jaffe Through the Years

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A. Jaffe’s breathtaking 120-year story through 4 differently beautiful eras is reflected in the company’s noteworthy collections: Classics, Art Deco, Seasons of Love and Metropolitan. These collections reflect the evolutions that A. Jaffe has lived through in keeping strides with the changing times. From classic to experimental to modern pieces, the A. Jaffe jewelries stand out with life and authenticity that comes only with a jewelry-maker’s seasoned expertise. Different as they are, one theme unifies the A. Jaffe pieces. And that is, the A. Jaffe woman. Every romantic and timeless design is created for the day’s sophisticated lady who values the worth of a diamond and appreciates the intricacies of its making. She has the eye for the extra-ordinary and knows how to achieve them. That’s right, A. Jaffe is dedicated to women and inspired by women. 
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