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Despite the predictable picture of a wedding—the motifs, flowers, cuddly crew of children and dad’s melancholic eyes—it is as personal as it gets, an individual crossing over to her newfound life. Only you really know why this day came into being, a journey that started the day your heart knew you had found him or her. This individuality, the person choosing to be, is celebrated in every Furrer Jacot wedding and engagement ring. The brand has been crafting individualized bridal jewelries for 150 years now.  Crafted in time-tested Swiss techniques and precision-set using state-of-the-art technology, a Furrer Jacot lends a unique brilliance to every wedding and engagement. The quality starts at sourcing out authentic precious raw materials. Premium platinum, gold and palladium alloys are then compressed for fissure-free density to create a perfect fit. Only highly-skilled jewel-setters fix the high-grade diamond that gives each Furrer Jacot that individual signature of rich, sparkling glow. Moreover, each piece is inscribed with a unique serial number that, not only lends individuality, but affords better chances at recovery should you misplace it. Furrer Jacot is also renowned for excellent service standards, strictest ethical practices and excellent wearing comfort.
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Image: A Furrer Jacot Wedding Band

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