Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Royal and Complex

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Satorio Carrera is famous for his nature inspired works and signature complex detailing. Through Carrera Y Carrera, his brand, he had created various pieces that had captured the attention and love of the rich, famous and even the Spanish Royal Family. Carrera Y Carrera takes all the inspiration it can get from nature; from butterflies to leopards; from flowers to people. At one time, with the jewel house’s love for Ava Gardner, they have dedicated three collections in the natural wonder’s honor; namely the Te Quiero, Ava, and Sol y Sombra. Now, the Carrera Y Carrera designers are following in the footsteps of their founder as they render in artful pieces more animals, emotions and even music. Carrera Y Carrera will forever be known to be one of the top luxury jewelers befitting for royals and high art. Visit Shreve & Co. for your Carrera Y Carrera jewelry. Shreve & Co. are authorized dealers of Carrera Y Carrera

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