Friday, December 13, 2013

Suna’s Infinite Sparkle

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For almost a century now, Suna Brothers has been creating exquisite jewelry pieces from the world's rarest gem stones. Generations of the Suna family have worked closely together to uphold the tradition of excellence established by Kennel and Joel Suna, founders of the Suna Bros. The outstanding quality and the exquisitely timeless beauty of their designs are only a couple of the reasons why Suna Bros’ engagement rings and bands have been the choice of couples for decades. Made exceedingly durable and beautifully seamless through their die-struck process, the mountings of their rings and bands are handcrafted from the finest platinum or gold. Each precious stone is carefully handset into the mounting leaving no gaps between the gems. Beneath each gem is a handcut, pyramid-shaped opening or jour which allows light to enter and then cause the stone to sparkle brilliantly. Draw out a woman's inner sparkle the way Suna Brothers draws out a gem's beauty.
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