Friday, December 20, 2013

Emergency: Got Your Back

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Whether you are live a profession or lifestyle that constantly throws you into brawls with danger, or simply a cautious executive who would rather be prepared for anything, you would love to strap on Breitling’s Emergency Watch II on your wrist. The Emergency II was designed and pieced together by 130 year old Swiss manufacturing company for luxury timepieces and chronographs. With established expertise on producing excellent quality professional watches for aviation and diving, Breitling offers not only precision and durability necessary in these fields, but also a reliable emergency rescue plan. The water-resistant COSC certified chronometer, powered by the Caliber 76 Superquartz movement, bears a beacon system, much like a radio transmitter, that can easily be activated to send 406.040 MHz bands of signal monitored by low-lying satellites of Cospas-Sarsat System. A rescue team is then deployed to the area, anywhere in the world. Now that is some neat safety measure, and all in a space of a 51mm titanium watch. 
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