Friday, December 20, 2013

Tangible Elegance

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There are too few watches that you can readily admire simply for its sheer elegance, especially when it is a dive watch. Among those too few pieces is Chanel’s J12 Chromatic dive watch. Made of ceramic infused with titanium, the lightweight and highly scratchproof surface of the 33 to 41 mm case and bracelet gives it a metallic finish and stand-out luxurious look. The tracteur ETA 2892 powers the hour, minute and seconds functions displayed in a beautifully understated sapphire coated dial. It has a 200 meter water endurance, making it a resilient timepiece not only for diving but for most kinds of rigorous activities. And yet, J12 Chromatic exudes the sophistication of high price-range dress watches, with a bracelet that glides smoothly around the wrist and a design that is elegant not only in what it displays but in what it leaves out.
Experience elegance that you can see and feel, with Chanel’s J12 Chromatic dive watch. Shreve & Co. in San Francisco, California is an authorized retailer for Chanel.

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