Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Perfect Match for the Perfectly-Matched

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Men do have the hard time of picking and choosing the perfect engagement rings for their significant others. And the trend these days? Well, those rings that will match perfectly as engagement and as wedding rings. And no other brand has had this perfected than Martin Flyer , a 65 year-old third generation business, the prides itself of providing the highest quality products for competitive prices with first-class service. Since 2006, FlyerFit engagement rings and wedding band sets have thrilled lifelong-romance hopefuls with sets that fit perfectly together. Martin Flyer developed technology that eliminates the dreaded and uncomfortable gap that is usually present among welding engagement and wedding rings. They have eliminated such inconvenience and offer a comfortable and beautiful solution for him and for her. The different collections under the FlyerFit flag are FlyerFit Classic, FlyerFit Vintage, FlyerFit for Him, FlyerFit Simplicity and FlyerFit Perfected. All these pieces are handcrafted in-house in Martin Flyer by expert artisans. Men, it is not cheesy to have a fitting engagement rings and wedding band sets. It isn’t just trendy and meaningful. It’s something she’ll appreciate forever. For you perfect match FlyerFit’s, visit Shreve & Co. – an authorized dealer for Martin Flyer. 

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