Friday, January 31, 2014

Timepieces to memoirs

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A timepiece doesn't only tell time. But it can also a be a memoir of your life's greatest milestones. Each of us has a sentimental core, that no matter how pre-occupied we are, we always find time to cherish the past. Jaeger Lecoultre allows you to put personalized special engravings on your watch. It transforms them into precious mementos, that remind you of the people you love or your good memories with them. May it be a birth of a new baby or a 50th golden wedding anniversary, have its symbolds engraved on your Jaeger Lecoultre watch. You can visit the Jaeger Lecoultre and create the design yourself. There is also a wide-array of watch collections under this fine brand that you can choose from and have personalized. Jaeger Lecoultre has been there since 1833, crafting every watch with passion in its ongoing quest for technical perfection. Every Jaeger Lecoultre you wear is a product of 180 years of excellence.
Jaeger Lecoultre is available in Shreve & Co. at San Francisco, California and Portland, Oregon.

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