Friday, March 07, 2014

Three Watches Men Should Have

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One thing stylish men should have is watches. A good-looking watch always completes a man's stature. If there's something about wearing a watch, it conveys an aura of productivity and being in control. But what are the kinds of watches men should buy?
There is the weekend watch. It is durable, rugged and utilitarian. Something he could wear with jeans, loafers, and sunglasses. There is also the so-called third watch. Something that is distinctive, timeless, and moderately elegant. It can be worn with anything from T-Shirts to coats. And there is also the so-called fourth watch. These are the pricey watches but are unique and luxurious. They can be worn with a three-piece suit, formal shoes, and tie. Looking for elegance and quality? Try A. Lange & Sohne's wide array of stylish watches. 
A. Lange & Sohne is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

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