Wednesday, September 19, 2012

100: A Perfect Number

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100 is a special number. For century plants, some species of the Agave, they only live for 25 years but they only bloom once in a hundred. Eskimos even have 100 words for ice. But for Roberto Coin, Cento or a hundred in Italian is the perfect number for his collection. The Cento Collection holds pieces that are subjected to the strictest Roberto Coin standard. The collection ranges from earrings, pendants and rings.  Anyone can be sure that every diamond in this collection is selected basing from the internationally recognized 4’C’s of carat weight, color, clarity and cut. And with the aim for perfection, The Cento Collection adheres to the Kimberly Process. This process puts into account international traded diamonds to be exclusively from “conflict-free” countries. To avail of pieces from the Cento Collection, visit Shreve & Co., an authorized dealer for The Cento Collection.  

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