Friday, April 11, 2014

A super luxurious watch demands no less than a supercar

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What does wearing A. Lange & Sohne tell your friends? That you’re built for success and a man of sophisticated taste. And if they don’t get it yet, you need to take the whole image business to the next level: get a super car. Here are some of the most expensive super cars last year. At $1.1 million the McLaren P1 is one of the most “affordable” super cars around.  If brand recognition is important to you, try the Ferrari LaFerrari, which costs $1.3 million. At 789 horsepower, it’s one mean road machine. But it’s still cheap compared to Bugatti Veyron, which will shave off your wealth by $2.6 million. If that is not impressive enough, try last year’s most expensive super car: the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. Four hundred fifty million dollars, any takers? 
A. Lange & Sohne is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

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