Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Cut above the Rest

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All the diamonds in the world can sparkle in daytime but only A. Link diamonds can sparkle at night. The secret to the art lies in the craft. A. Link diamonds are cut using the signature 60/60 table and depth ratio cut. This enable A. Link diamonds to sparkle even with just minimal light available. This is a propriety cut developed and perfected by Adolph Link to optimize every stone’s weight, dimension, and brilliance. These diamonds appear in various A. Link signature designs that range from bracelets, rings, and their divine necklaces. The brilliance of each diamond is made even more brilliant by embedding them in expert designs. This marriage of style and elegance enables A. Link to be in the forefront of diamond jewelry for more than a century. The Diamond Opera necklace features 179 Forevermark diamonds along its 36”. It is made up of a 16” and 18” necklace so you can look fabulous in three different ways – single strand, stacked or long. For diamonds that are a cut above the rest, visit Shreve & Co. – an authorized dealer for A. Link.

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