Friday, August 31, 2012

Brilliance made more brilliant

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No two diamonds are alike, as no two women have the same exact taste.  Diamonds may vary across different cut, clarity, carat and color, and they may be sourced from different grades of raw gemstones. All these factors affect the final diamond piece; hence, the probability of having exactly similar diamonds is next to nil. Kwiat fine jewelry celebrates this individuality in its fine engagement and wedding diamond jewelry collections. Each Kwiat diamond’s angle and facet is precision set that exudes elegant yet simple uniqueness. A Kwiat diamond also lends more brilliance and size perception than regular cuts. It produces a mesmerizing display of refracted white light, dispersing light through a colorful spectrum and flashes created by the crown. From vintage collection to bridal diamond jewelry, necklaces and bracelets, to pendants, earrings, rings and pins, whatever your Kwiat jewelry is, it ascribes to the Excellent Cut Grade recognition given by the Gemological Institute of America. A diamond is nature’s masterpiece honed through the timely medley of raw power and enduring finesse… made more brilliant by the Kwiat signature. Celebrate your individual style with a Kwiat diamond.
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Image: Kwiat Vintage Ring

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