Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Belief in Quality

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Coming to America a quarter of a century ago, Christopher Slowinski started working as an apprentice jeweler. He was trained by master craftsmen with impeccable pedigree but he wasn’t sure that everyone in the industry was making the right choice as to which direction to go. “Over time, I learned the various processes involved in manufacturing jewelry. To my dismay, I also learned that to cut costs, many companies sacrificed quality.” Christopher observed.  “I didn’t want to do it that way. Only through the development of new and better technologies should we reduce our costs, while improving quality. This was my belief, so I set out to make my dream a reality.” Working on his dreams, he had successfully merged his “classic jewelry training” with the revolutionary technological advances. His efforts earned him the grant of many United States and International Patents. One patent that he is particularly proud of is his Crisscut diamond (has nothing to do with his name). Using 77 facets, 33 cuts more than the usual 44 used to cut emerald a stone, the Crisscut brings out the brilliance of fire hidden within high quality stones. With hard work and the strictest devotion to excellence and producing jewelry of the highest quality from the finest materials, Christopher Slowinski has put his brand, Christopher Designs, on the map; and on the top of the charts. Interested in jewelry from Christopher Designs, visit an authorized dealer like Shreve & Co..

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