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Marco Bicego and his Universal Woman of Style and Confidence

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Coming from a family of goldsmiths, Marco Bicego was born with it. He didn’t really had to go far to acquire his eye and talent for jewelry. He is a natural with the gift of sensing what women crave in fashion and jewelry. Drawing from his father’s omega necklaces, Marco created his unique “guitar string” coils in early 2000. In early 2002 in line grew and evolved to include the Marrakech, a Marco Bicego “best-seller” featuring his coiled gold strands. Drawing from the spirituality of the Indian shores, the Goa collection has been created. With its diamond fitted untwisted coil, a crisscrossed flattened strands in white, yellow and pink gold follow the curves of women’s body. But most of his inspiration comes from the natural mystery of woman, a mystery that he already seemingly solved. “She is a universal woman of style and confidence; she enjoys the luxury of travel and fine food, appreciates art, history, and fine design. She has no specific age or place, but is a woman who wears creations that flatter her heart and soul, finding luxury in her everyday world and experiences…,” Marco Bicego on the clients he serves. For Marco Bicego jewelry, visit Shreve & Co. – an authorized dealer for Marco Bicego

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