Monday, November 05, 2012

Speaking to the Soul

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Sensual. Seductive. Elegant. These are words that describe Carrera y Carrera, the jewelry brand that keeps its Spanish roots and innovates on traditional Spanish design. With its modern take on Spanish elegance and even by pushing the boundaries farther and farther, Carrera Y Carrera is Spain through and through. Through the 1990s, Carrera Y Carrera has thrived through the growing international luxury market and has positioned itself to be the premiere Spanish jewelry brand. Keeping with its roots, the brand managed to stand out in the among luxury jewelry creators. Carrera Y Carrera owes its success to its unceasing Innovation in design and craftsmanship – the go-to traits of the brand. The elegance in every Carrera Y Carrera piece speaks to the soul just like flamenco. This is apparent and heart-felt in the ‘Mi Princesa’ collection; where everything is worthy of royalty; where every piece helps every man to make their beaus feel like their princesses. ‘You are My Princess’ saith every ring in this collection. Carrera Y Carrera has seduced the sophisticated and the elite for decades. If their pieces, speak to you and surely they do, visit Shreve & Co. for these brilliant pieces. Shreve & Co. is an authorized dealer for Carrera Y Carrera

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