Friday, January 11, 2013

If Brilliance is the Priority…

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Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. And one thing that makes a diamond desirable is its brilliance. And what diamond can shine brighter than A. Link’s? By just requiring the minimum light available, A. Link’s signature 60/60 cut diamonds can sparkle in the dark. These stones are of 58 to 61 percent table sizes with depth percentages of 59 to 61. These percentages average a 60/60 that provides the alluring effects. These diamonds are meant to last forever as heirlooms; brilliant ones that can be passed on from generation to generation just like A. Link, the brand itself. A. Link is not just a business but a culture of expertise and perfection that was passed on from generation to generation. With many heirlooms to choose from different collections, one can be sure that any piece can be mesmerizingly simple, elegant and brilliant. This is evident in the Double Layered Collection as rows of diamonds, separated by rows of smaller diamonds, create not bracelets and necklaces of diamonds but “sheets” of diamonds. The effect renders the settings invisible enabling the sparkle of the rocks to arrest the eyes. If brilliance in the priority, there is no better choice than A. Link. For more of head-turning A. Link collections, visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealers for A. Link. 

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