The First 3 Things You Should Do with Your New Jewelry or Timepiece in 2018

The First 3 Things You Should Do with Your New Jewelry or Timepiece in 2018

Jewelry and watches are meant to last for generations. The ones that have three things in common: They fit, they’re insured, and they’re maintained.

Diamond Ring

1. Fit It

Rings and watches need to be professionally fitted. If a ring is too loose, it can slide off your finger. If a watch is too loose, it can move around too much and be easily damaged. It’s also a good idea to check that your earrings are secure, and clasps on bracelets and necklaces are doing their jobs. A quick internet search will show that some things you might be able to do yourself. While removing links in a watch band or cutting earring posts yourself is possible, it’s not recommended. If you make a mistake, a tiny DIY project suddenly turns into an expensive repair. Many adjustments can be done for free, and our staff can let you know what is best for your piece.  

Diamond Ring

2. Insure It

Watches and jewelry are prime targets for thieves. They’re small, they’re valuable, and easy to sell. We can evaluate your jewelry and provide you with proper documentation for your insurance company. Keeping a record of serial numbers and photos of your jewelry is helpful to police. This information can be passed along to other jewelry and pawn shops and can help intercept stolen goods before the crooks can convert them to cash.


3. Maintain It

Jewelry and watches will last for generations as long as they are properly maintained.

Watches will last longer if you wipe them clean with a soft, dry towel. This small bit of regular attention will help keep dirt and dust from getting inside. Watches should be inspected and cleaned by a professional jeweler every 3 to 5 years, or as recommended in your manual. Certain watch manufacturers may prefer you send the watch to them for proper maintenance. Brands like Rolex certify jewelers like Shreve & Co. to do appropriate maintenance in-house. Our repair department is quite extensive and certified by many of the brands we carry.

Jewelry should be professionally cleaned every 6 months. A jeweler will inspect the prongs holding the stones in and make certain that none of them are damaged or loose. Jewelers also have the appropriate instruments to clean the tiniest places, and polish out any stubborn dings or dents.

For more information on these 3 simple steps, and other ways to protect your investment, speak with any member of our staff. We believe jewelry should be enjoyed and last for many, many lifetimes!