Why Patek Philippe Timepieces Hold Their Value Over Time

by Kiley Schiffman Storrs

Patek Philippe watches do something few watches do: They hold their value over time. Most luxury watches hold value as an heirloom passed through generations. Patek Philippe watches do that, and hold their monetary value, too. That’s a pretty impressive thing to do, so let’s unpack what’s happening here.

Jewelers agree, you should choose a watch you’re going to love wearing. That’s the most important reason. But, the Patek Philippe brand brings with it an additional value. They’re made one by one. The intricacies that go into each watch is the envy of watchmakers worldwide. Because Patek Philippe has never compromised on this, there’s a built-in rarity to them. You won’t find them for sale by owners very often, and vintage watches often break records auction houses.

Patek Philippe Watch

These watches tend to be worn by those who have lived a remarkable life. Heads of state, celebrities, and members of the Royal Family are often seen wearing one of these works of art. The phrase “work of art” may seem exaggerated, but just look at what is going on inside. The excessive detail is to such delicate degree seasoned experts are often dazzled. These may not be detectible to the naked eye, but you know they are there. Hand polished hands, faceted batons, and specific detail tell you that this watch is not mass produced.

With a history dating back to 1839, each Patek watch has a deep heritage. Each watch created, going back to day one, has an Extract from the Archives. This meticulous document tells every single detail about the creation of the watch. The caliber, dial type, movement number, case number, date it was completed and other details. It shows that you are in possession of a one-of-a-kind. These watches are often purchased to celebrate a momentous moment in life. Returning from war, birth of a child, or the beginning of a new life together. These are just a few examples of tangible and intangible elements that add value to the watch.

Patek Philippe Watch

Brand recognition, unmatched design, rich heritage, and demand, are the dynamic elements that contribute to Patek Philippe watches holding and increasing in value. The Patek watch can take months, even years to create.

They project your experience and accomplishments. They are sought after by discriminating collectors. They become a meaningful heirloom for your family. Always choose a watch because it’s the one you love wearing. Choose a Patek Philippe watch because you love to wear it, and you respect the value inside.