East-to-West Engagement Rings
East-to-West Engagement Rings

A slight turn can change everything. A vintage style plays a tiny trick on your eyes and makes a huge, trendy impact. It’s called an East-to-West Engagement Ring, and it positions the center stone horizontally instead of vertically. This little change makes your fingers look longer and can actually make the stone look bigger.

But it’s not just the optical illusion that makes the East-to-West arrangement special. It’s a distinctive appearance that catches the eye and harkens back to an earlier time. This style has once again found appeal for brides who love all things “non-traditional.”

This horizontal approach is great for any cut of stone, and lets you get extremely creative with colors and shapes. It’s genuinely a signature look that will be as unique as the woman who wears it.

Here are some of our favorite East-West settings we love seeing:

Emerald cut diamond ring


This shape is particularly good for East-West arrangement because of the large, open facet on the stone. It causes the facet to run parallel with the band and emphasizes a beautiful continuity that emphasizes your never-ending love.

Oval cut yellow diamond ring


The oval cut is a nod to the past and the horizontal orientation emphasizes the brilliance and fire they deliver.

Marquise yellow diamond ring


This shape is the one that will give you the most striking impact for an East-to-West setting. These diamonds have the greatest size appearance per carat, which makes them a great value while delivering intense sparkle.

Radiant diamond ring


This shape has the same rectangular profile as emerald shape diamonds but offers something special. Instead of parallel step cuts, they are faceted the same way as round brilliant diamonds. You get amazing sparkle and clear emphasis on brilliance and fire.  

The final thing you’ll love about an East-West setting: If you ever get tired of it, the diamond can be easily rotated to a North-South arrangement!

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