diamond ring
diamond ring

Deciding to ask “the big question” is the hardest part. But a close 2nd place goes to deciding what kind of diamond should be in the ring. One stop in our store and you’ll quickly realize that diamonds don’t come in just one shape. They’re round, oval, emerald cut, and more. It’s not a question of which one is right, and which one is wrong, rather a question of your own personal preference.

Here are ten of the most popular shapes for diamonds, and a little info to help you make the choice that’s right for you.

diamond ring

Popular Diamond Shapes

Round Cut

Without a doubt, the Round Cut is one of the most universally loved cuts of a diamond. This is the one that really catches the light and sparkles across the room. That’s because the cut is made to maximize the reflections and really make some fireworks! It works great as a center stone, and its classic look means you can’t go wrong. The Round Cut is one of the more popular cuts, so if uniqueness is important, you might want to explore some of the others.

Princess Cut

As the name suggests, the Princess Cut is full of grace and elegance. With its square or rectangular sides, this cut will work well in just about every setting. Princess Cut diamonds traditionally cost a little less but pack some major brilliance. It sports a more geometrical shape, which many find gives it a modern look. Because of the shape, be sure to look for a solid, protective setting to avoid chips and accidental loss.

Cushion Cut

This cut dates back to the 18th century when it was once called a “mine cut.” Imagine a square cushion or pillow with rounded edges. On one hand, they are cut in such a way as to enhance rainbow colors, or “fire.” On the other hand, this style of cut means less of that eye-catching sparkle others might have. This cut looks especially good in vintage settings and rings with softer, rounded shapes. When you’re looking for an “old-world” style, Cushion Cut is a great choice.

Emerald Cut

When sophistication and elegance is in order, you can’t go wrong with an Emerald Cut. Being longer and rectangular in shape gives the diamond what is known as a “hall of mirrors” effect. You feel as though you’re gazing into perfect geometrical shapes that seem to go on forever. Because of their shape, Emerald Cut diamonds also appear larger than other cuts. It doesn’t have the same flash and sparkle other cuts have, so choose this cut when you’re looking for more understated beauty.

Oval Cut

Oval Cuts carry many of the same attributes as a Round Cut. The facets really catch the light and dazzle the eye with unending sparkle. When placed side-by-side, an Oval Cut of similar carat weight will appear larger than a Round Cut. Ovals are less popular than round diamonds and are great for those looking for something out of the ordinary. They’re just different enough to really stand out. Its oblong shape can sometimes create a dark “bowtie” effect in the middle that some find less than appealing.  

Radiant Cut

Think of this cut as an updated version of an Emerald Cut, with some extra advantages. As you can tell by the name, this diamond cut is all about sparkle and flash. First developed in 1977, the Radiant Cut will have more rounded edges giving it a modern look, while maintaining a classic feel. Like other oblong cuts, these diamonds will lengthen the finger and look great in contemporary settings. The rounded edges mean it's less susceptible to chipping and invite unending comments and compliments. While its deeper cuts give added sparkle, a Radiant may appear somewhat smaller to the naked eye.

Asscher Cut

Sometimes people call this the “Carrie Bradshaw,” after it was made famous in Sex and the City. The Asscher Cut is a bit of a blend between the Emerald and Princess Cuts. The simple and clean angles give it a glass-like clarity, with profoundly bright reflections. It became popular during the art deco era in the early 20th century and has had a revival found on the hands of Jessica Alba, Pippa Middleton, and Kate Hudson. It will pair well in just about any setting but due to its impressive clarity, you will need to invest in a higher quality diamond.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about any of these magical diamonds in person, we’re always ready to assist at our Palo Alto location!