Why 58 is the Perfect Number of Facets for Your Diamond
Why 58 is the Perfect Number of Facets for Your Diamond

Say “baseball diamond” to a jeweler, and the jeweler is likely to say “that’s no diamond.” Diamond experts know that a 4 sided diamond isn’t going to sparkle and shine. Cutting facets into a diamond is the secret. Each facet bounces the light and makes those little flashes of light that are so hypnotic.

But this is one of those times where more isn’t going to get you… more. Think of it like windows and mirrors. One lets the light in… the other bounces light out. Like a prism, white light gets cut into its individual colors. When the windows and mirrors are lined up just right, it bounces light and color back to your eye. In the jewelry industry it’s called sparkle or scintillation.

diamond facets chart

The magic number is 58 facets. Mathematically that’s the point where light playfully bounces back and forth, but not so much that it diffuses and dulls. More facets would mean the windows letting light in would get tighter. Less light to bounce around on those little mirrors, and less scintillation back to your eyes.

It’s a fascinating science that makes it all work. But, the science won’t work unless it’s in the hands of someone with a keen eye and steady hand. Those facets also have to be properly angled so they can do their magic trick. Not every diamond will do that, and not every jeweler knows how to make it happen.

diamond loop with loose diamond

We’re pretty particular about the diamonds we choose. The diamonds at Shreve & Co. are hand selected. Every last one. Our jewelers are looking for the ones that are the most optically pure, and will perform the best. From Hearts on Fire to Fire and Ice, we are looking for diamonds that are visibly different and instantly recognizable. Even from ten tables away.

The best news is… you don’t have to worry about any of that. You’ve got a Shreve and Co. jeweler looking out for you.