How Your Beauty Routine Affects Your Jewelry

How Your Beauty Routine Affects Your Jewelry

Suntan lotion in the summer. Moisturizer in the winter. Inspect spray in the forest. Face wash after a hard workout. Your skin is constantly bombarded with products which help it stay healthy. Have you ever wondered what that same routine does for your jewelry? We know “diamonds are forever” and Swiss matchmakers are the best in the world, but have you looked down recently and noticed a little dull to the previous shine? Anything valuable requires care. Your skin, and your jewelry. While you are taking care of your skin, you may not realize the damage you could be inflicting on your valuable possessions. We are here to help. Here is how your daily regimen impacts your jewelry and how you can restore that original shine.

Face Wash

That morning rinse of your face is refreshing and cleansing, but it has the opposite effect on your jewelry. Even gentle soap can add a film to diamonds and gemstones, while cleansing oils that refresh your skin can dull the brilliance of your favorite stones. Cleansers and soaps can also leave behind a residue in hard-to-reach spots on jewelry. There are some easy steps you can take to keep your jewelry shining bright while still taking care of your face every day. Getting your diamond ring wet is not a cause for concern, but if your favorite piece contains emeralds or other gemstones they are best not soaked in liquids. Placing a small dish on the side of the sink and removing your jewelry before your daily routine is the best habit. We also recommend a strainer or drain catch in the sink to prevent a disaster during a fumble with jewelry in the morning. Regular cleaning and maintenance by a professional jeweler will keep that original shine on your valuable pieces.

Gemstone Necklace


Your favorite scrub is designed to remove dead skin and bring new skin cells to the top so your skin can shine. This might be great for your body, but its torture on your jewelry. Tiny microscopic scrubbers in exfoliants can scratch soft metals such as gold, but they also impact harder metals like platinum and can lead to micro-scratches on your jewelry. Over an extended period of time, this wear and tear can cause long-term damage to your jewelry. Before you start scrubbing and sloughing off that dead skin, be mindful of what jewelry you are wearing. A small hook next to the shower to hang that favorite bracelet or necklace is the perfect answer to keeping things close while still protecting your jewelry.

Turquoise and Pearl Bracelets


We all know the winter brings cooler temps and drier skin, but what does that moisturizer do to your skin? While hydrating your skin is clearly important, creams and lotions often leave behind a residue that can discolor your jewelry. Softer stones and jewels such as opals and pearls are particularly impacted by moisturizers. Precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum are tarnished by extended exposure to moisture. Storing your jewelry in a closed, dry space and only putting your jewelry on when you are clean and your skin is dry will help maintain that original shine for years to come.

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Perfumes and Fragrances

Summer scents bring back memories of childhood and fall fragrances make us think of home, but what does your favorite perfume or cologne do to your favorite jewelry? Oils found in perfumes stick to the surface of faceted stones and the crannies of delicate jewelry, dulling their shine over time. Opals and pearls are better when not exposed to fragrances, which can cause them to darken or yellow. We recommend making this golden rule of jewelry wear: last on, first off. Your jewelry and gemstones should be the last thing you put on before you leave your home in the morning and should be the first things you take off before starting any beauty routine.

Taking care of your skin and having a daily beauty routine will keep your skin looking healthy and fresh for years to come. Providing your jewelry with a beauty routine will make sure it stays shiny and brilliant for all of those years as well. Apart from removing jewelry frequently, there are a few ways you can help your gems and valuables to withstand the test of time. You should take your jewelry in regularly for a checkup and professional cleaning. Jewelers are able to tighten settings, clean hard to reach places, and polish stones with safe techniques that keep everything shining. There are steps you can take at home as well. Your engagement ring can be rinsed with warm water and a small amount of dish soap and then scrubbed very gently with a toothbrush. You can soak your ring in a shot glass of vodka or gin overnight and then rinse with clean water in the morning. These are just a few simple ways to provide a quick rinse. Jewelry cleaner is also worthwhile, but be sure to read instructions to ensure proper use and avoid damage to your valuables. In the end, cleaning by a professional jeweler is the best way to keep everything shiny and fresh for years to come.