Green Accutron Watch


Time Just Changed. Again.

Offering the world's first full electronic watch in 1960, Accutron changed the way the world told time with the most accurate timekeeping mechanism ever created and the first personal timekeeping advancement seen in 300 years. Ruling the watch world for more than a decade, its foundational technology later became an integral component of America's space program and the Accutron logo became a symbol to the consumer of timekeeping accuracy.

Now 60 years later, Accutron brings the same drive for technological advancement and design with the first ever watches powered by electrostatic energy.

Skeleton Accutron Watch

It's Not a Timepiece. It's a Conversation Piece.

The watch that was once a statement about the future is now a statement about yours. That you define yourself not by where you should belong. But by where you’re going. That you’re ready to carve your own path. That your time has come. Redesigned and redefined, the Accutron reflects your ambitions. Your aspirations. Your arrival to wherever it is you want to go. It may no longer be humming. But it’s still getting everyone talking.

Accutron Dress Watch
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Accutron Dress Watch